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All of the hostnames which I use for my computers come from the mythology of the Greek Underworld. I have collected a list of names from the Wikipedia page on the Greek Underworld with some brief descriptions of what that particular name represents. Hostnames currently in use are marked with their current usage detailed to make them stand out.

Table of Hostnames

Name of Entity Description Current Use
Styx River of hatred Thinkpad T440s
Acheron River of pain Router/Firewall
Lethe River of forgetfullness Git server
Phlegethon River of fire, leads to depths of Tartarus
Cocytus River of wailing
Oceanus River that encircles the world, marks edge of Underworld Dell Venue Tablet
The Front Entrance to the Underworld
Penthos Grief
Curae Anxiety Matrix Server
Nosoi Diseases
Geras Old Age Thinkpad T420s
Phobos Fear
Limos Hunger
Aporia Need
Thanatos Non-Violent Death
Algea Agony
Hypnos Sleep
Hypnos Guilty Joys
Behind the Entrance to the Underworld
Polemos War
The Erinyes Goddesses associated with the souls of the dead, avenged crimes against the natural order of the world
Eris Discord Mastodon Instance
Major Figures
Charon The ferryman of the dead Nginx Web Server/Reverse Proxy
Cerberus Guardian of the gates to the Underworld Proxmox VE
The Judges Deciders of the fate of the dead
Minos Judge of the final vote Monitoring Server
Rhadamanthus Lord of Elysium, judge of the men of Asia
Aeacus Guardian of the keys of the Underworld, judge of the men of Europe
Hades God of the Underworld Desktop Computer
Persephone Mistress of Hades
Hecate Associated with magic, witchcraft, necromancy, sorcery, light, dogs Mediawiki Server
Melinoë Daughter of Persephone, bringer of nightmares and madness
Nyx Goddess of the night
Achlys Personification of misery and sadness
Styx Goddess of the river Styx
Eurynomos A daemon of the underworld, eats the flesh of the corpses
Major Locations
Elysium Place for distinguished people, usually those close to the gods
Tartarus Pits of oblivion, dungeon of torment and suffering Mail Server
Asphodel Meadows Place for ordinary or indifferent souls
Mourning Fields Place for those who wasted their lives on unrequited love
Isles of the Blessed Place for those reborn 3 times who achieved Elysium all three times